Concierge Services

*Add-on Services for Personal or Business Mailbox Customers

Mail Forwarding

If you would like to have your mail sent to you wherever you are in the world, The Postal Depot can help. Once you’ve established your private mailbox – either an Over-The-Counter mailbox or a 24-hour Access mailbox – you can add on a separate mail forwarding account with a deposit of $50. We will gather your mail from your mailbox and send it to you wherever and whenever you need it. If you have a FedEx or UPS account number that you would like us to use to send your shipments, you can arrange for that, too (UPS Ground or Express services; FedEx Express service only)

What’s in My Mailbox

If you want to call us and ask us what’s in your mailbox, we will be happy to look and describe for you the contents of your mailbox, at no charge.

Red Folder Services

We are pleased to offer this service to deposit only your first class mail in your mailbox and eliminate all the rest: $12 per month with Basic service bundle; included in Premium service bundle.

Excess Mail Storage

If the volume of your mail exceeds the capacity of your mailbox, we will collect your mail in an excess mail bag and store it until you are able to retrieve it or until you request us to forward it to you: $12 per month charged as soon as the mail volume exceeds the mailbox capacity and we must create an excess mail bag for your mail OR you can request that we forward your mail to you at mail forwarding shipping and service charges. This service is included in the Premium service bundle.

Packing Service

The Postal Depot has a variety of shipping boxes and supplies for purchase to securely package up your items and prepare them for shipping via USPS, UPS or FedEx. We also provide a variety of USPS Priority Mail packaging and UPS and FedEx express service packaging for your use with shipments you would like us to help you prepare for shipping. Packing service starts at $2 per package.

Shipping Service

USPS Priority and Flat Rate Priority Mail
USPS First Class Mail
UPS Ground and Express shipping
FedEx Ground and Express shipping

Package Storage

Included in the Basic service bundle, we will store your packages for up to 6 business days at no charge. Packages stored for more than 6 business days will be assessed $3 per day per package for each day after the maximum 6-day free storage is exceeded. Unlimited storage is included in the Premium service bundle.

Certified Mail Notification

If you have authorized us to sign on your behalf for certified mail, we will inform you the same day of receipt that you have received a certified piece of mail.

Notary, Fax and Copies

Notary: The Postal Depot notary public is generally available Monday-Friday, 10 am – 4 pm, but please call ahead to make sure she is available – 775-329-9313.

Fax Service: Charges are $2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page.

Copies: Charges are 25 cents per copy up to 10 maximum copies; 8-1/2″ by 11″, black and white copies only.